Noah and the Ark

Episode: 209

Season: 2

During school hours, Joy and Chris have to choose between skipping school with a bad crowd or rejecting Pearce’s dangerous influence. Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time when the world was fraught with evil. This experience encourages Joy and Chris to reject Pearce’s dangerous influence. Genesis 7:1

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God does not always protect us from trouble but cares for us in spite of trouble.


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  • Videos

    Enter the Ark

    • Enter the Ark
    • Noah and the Ark - The Salvation Poem
    • God Remembers Noah
    • God's Covenant with Noah
    • The Flood Begins
    • Noah Builds the Ark
    • Noah Hears from God
    • The Rainbow Covenant
    • The Dove Returns
  • Q & A

    • How does God protect His people?

    • How do you know right from wrong?

    • Can you hear God's voice like Noah did?

    • What does it mean to be faithful like Noah?

    • What are the parallels between John 3:16 and Noah's story?